Top 5 Bodybuilder IPS | Constable in India

Top 5 Bodybuilder IPS | Constable in India

You feel safe because of the police and the army. His job may be attractive to you to see and hear, but his work is very responsible.
Along with being mentally fit, policemen and army personnel also have to be physically fit. Their training is very difficult. There are many policemen who also have a fitness obsession with duty.
The fitness of these people is a myth-buster for such people, who say that fitness is rarely seen in the police. You may have heard and read about their fitness before.
Top 5 Bodybuilder IPS and Constable in India
 Top 5 Bodybuilder IPS and Constable in India
I can understand very well that maintaining fitness after doing daily duty is a difficult task. On the other hand, many youngsters give a lot of excuses about fitness. They keep saying no time is available, I cannot diet, cannot get up early in the morning, have to go to college, etc.
If you also make any excuse out of the above-mentioned excuses, then you should take inspiration from the policemen mentioned below. You can also take a step towards fitness by getting motivated by them.
So today I am telling you about 5 such policemen who are fit and active in their normal life. There is also an IPS officer.

1. Sachin Atulkar, IPS

IPS Sachin Atulkar is an icon of many youths in terms of fitness. He is a 2007 batch pass out. Atulkar, a resident of Bhopal, has also played cricket at the national level. His father is retired from the Forest Service and his brother is in the military. Apart from this, he achieved a different position in the police service.

Police officer Atulkar is very much aware of fitness from the beginning. Even in look, he does not look less than a bodybuilder.

During the interview, he said that fitness keeps the body active and keeps the mind relaxed. He still goes to the gym for 1 hour every day. 

2. Rubal Dhankar, Constable

Ruble Dhankar also keeps youngsters motive towards fitness. He has a fitness YouTube channel called Rubal Dhankar, which has 1.85 million subscribers.


After surgery in 2009, Dhankar had paralysis of half his face due to nerve damage. Because of this, one eye was always open. His hair also fell out due to eating medicine. According to Dhankar’s Instagram page, he could not eat till 6 months after the surgery and lived only on a liquid diet.


Even after going through all these troubles, Dhankar did not give up. Despite the doctor’s refusal, he tried and gradually everything started recovering due to muscle memory. Due to a lack of income source, he joined Delhi Police. Today every fitness freak knows them well.

3. Kishor Dange, Constable

Kishore Dange is a constable known as ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger’ in Mumbai Police. He is famous all over the country for his fitness. He is currently posted in the Jalna district of Maharashtra.


Dange has won several awards at national and international levels. He has won gold medals at the World Police and Fire Games, London. Apart from this, he has also been Mr. India 2 times.

4. Motilal Dayma, Constable


Motilal Dayma is a constable in Madhya Pradesh Police and posted in Bhopal. Dayma has participated in Mr. India Competition. He has been 4 times Mr. Indore and 1 times Mr. MP.

Motilal Dayma, Constable
Motilal Dayma, Constable


Daima, who was admitted to MP Police in the year 2012, considers fitness as an important part of her life from the beginning. He also makes fellow policemen aware of fitness and gives them ways.

Dayma takes about 7000 calories daily. Which includes 1 kg of mutton, 700 grams of chicken, 300 grams of fish, and 300 grams of dry fruit.


5. TejenderSingh, Constable


Tejendra Singh, a constable in the Uttarakhand police, has won the gold medal in the World Police and Fire Games London. He is a big name in terms of fitness. In 2006, he joined the police and in 2007 he won the National Gold Medal for the first time.

TejenderSingh, Constable
TejenderSingh, Constable


After this, he has also named Mr. Hercules in the year 2009. Those who watch him are convinced of his fitness and take selfies with him.


Friends, these were fit, famous, and bodybuilder policemen. Everyone whose fitness is crazy. Seeing their dedication to fitness, you too can get motive from them.

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