Happy Deepawali 2020 wishes Hindi English

Deepawali 2020 wishes: First of all let me wish you A very Happy Diwali 2020.  If you are searching for Short wishes for Deepawali 2020 for WhatsApp for share on the festival of lighting or also known as Deepavali, then you are at right page.

In this post we share heart touching  Single Line  Best Deepawali wishes 2020 for Whatsapp Facebook followers.

Internet or technology not only change the way of celebrating this lighting festival but also make people’s life easy…You can buy Diwali gifts online. Nowadays, people send Deepavali wishes in Hindi, English Deepavali wishes, Tamil, or in Marathi, in just one or two clicks.

Conveying “Deepawali wishes” with Diwali gift ideas for your loved ones is one of the most popular pastimes. The advent of the Internet has made it possible for you to even order gifts from overseas.  You can either order them from sites that will then send it through via couriers.

Why not you check our 2020 collection of Short Wishes for Deepavali for WhatsApp, Facebook friends…..by read this article full….

Happy Deepawali 2020 wishes

भगवान का दिया हुआ सब कुछ है… दौलत है, शोहरत है, ईज्जत है, पर दीपावली की छुटी नहीं है…

Happy Deepawali 2020 Wishes
Happy Deepawali 2020 Wishes

Diwali wishes is great way to show what you think about other, this diwali send diwali Facebook wishes to someone, that one you are not in touch from a long past time. Facebook wishes sending is free of cost and fast, easy process is addition t that.

Deepawali best wishes 2020 [English]

You are like the diyas of on Diwali…Touching my heart with your Warmth

And spreading brightness all around!!

Happy Diwali wishes Whatsapp DP

Happy Deepawali 2020 Wishes


Happy Diwali wishes Whatsapp DP



Best Diwali wishes WhatsApp

Best Diwali wishes whatsapp



New Diwali wishes Images for WhatsApp DP

Happy Deepawali 2020 Wishes


Deepawali best wishes 2020

Happy Deepawali 2020 Wishes


Happy Diwali 2020 wishes

Funny Diwali wishes for whatsApp

  • Tu patakha hai kisi aur kaa.. tujhe phodta koi aur hai ..Raat Thi Kaali, Life Thi Khaali, Phir Sab Kutch Badla..Jo Ayee Diwali!!
  • तू पटाखा है किसी और का, तुझे फोड़ता कोई और है।
  • भगवान का दिया हुआ सब कुछ है… दौलत है, शोहरत है, ईज्जत है, पर दीपावली की छुटी नहीं है…
  • आँखो से आँसूओं की जुदाई कर दो, दिल से ग़मों की विदाई कर दो, अगर दिल ना लगे कहीं तो, आ जाओ मेरे घर.. और मेरे घर की सफाई कर दो… और याद रहे यह Offer दिवाली तक ही है
  • बुरा ना मानो होली है… यह कह कर किसीने मुझ पर रंग फेंक दिया था… आज ‘बुरा ना मानो दिवाली है’ यह कहकर मैंने उस पर **बम** फेंक दिया… आज पूरा मोहल्ला मुझे ढूंढ रहा है…
  • क्या भरोसा….. नेटवर्क का, बेलेन्स का, मोबाईल का, बैटरी का,  टाईम का, चार्जर का, इन्टरनेट का, लाईफ का, इसलिए Advance में Happy Diwali…
Diwali wishes messages for whatsapp


These are the latest Happy Deepawali 2020 wishes for share in 2020 on whtasapp, facebook or in social media to wish this light festival to your loved one

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